• May 18, 2022

Choosing Your Ideal Mixture of Social Media Platforms

The important idea here is that we all appreciate the importance of a constant Social Media presence, regardless of what we use it for. Some of us want Social Media Platform to grow our presence on Facebook, or maybe just want to “Link in” with some interesting connections. Maybe we really like to tweet, or share our interests on Pinterest.

What we have to keep in mind is that social media existence needs time to develop. Selecting the ideal mixture of social media platforms can be a difficult task for PR and marketing experts. Each network has its own features as well as differences in user demographics.

• Go with your customers

When it comes to social media, you cannot properly select your platforms unless you know where your customers are. It’s very important to discover which networks your clients prefer, where they like to get their information from, and what daily online routines they have. That way, you will know where’s the place to be in social media for your company, when it is better to approach your customers online and what content they might find relevant.

• Figure out what your goal is

Maybe you want more traffic, maybe you want to increase sales or exposure or maybe you want to increase your brand awareness. In order to correctly choose your ideal mix of social media platforms, you have to know what your main purpose is. What do you want to achieve in your social media existence? What’s your goal? It is really important to set clear and genuine objectives, so you can identify what to do next.

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