• May 18, 2022

Selling Your Home

For the many of us out there that own a home and are looking to sell, we have come up with five helpful tips that you should always remember prior to placing your home on the market.

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Mechanicals – First things first, every house needs a mechanical system that functions properly. Make sure you have your heating and air conditioning units cleaned and checked by a qualified professional to make sure they are all working in tip top shape pedestal pumps. This will alleviate the buyer’s inspector finding anything minor wrong with the system. Make sure you also have the filter changed. An inspector who finds a dirty filter knows that the present owner does not maintain the system as they should.

Check The Plumbing – If you have a basement, make sure that your sump pump and ejector pit pump are working properly to move the water away from the foundation and eject any waste out to the sewer. If one or the other are not working properly or water switches are not in the proper position, your pump will run more frequently than necessary. If your sump pump has a float switch make sure that it also performs as required.

Inspect Your Roof – Ensure that all shingles are in place, none are missing, and they are all securely fastened. Missing or deteriorated shingles can cause water to penetrate through the roof’s sheathing which can lead to interior water damage. It is very difficult for an inspector to miss any type of ceiling damage that has occurred by water leakage. Another good tip would be to check all gutters for old leaves and any other kind of debris that may clog the flow of water.

Give Your Windows The “Once Over” – Whether you have single pane or double pane glass windows, make sure you always examine them for either missing glazing or seals that are damaged. On a single pane glass window, the glazing will deteriorate, which will cause the window to break away from the wood frame. On a double pane glass window you will notice that a fog will appear between the two panes of glass. This is a sign of a broken seal. If you notice any of your windows having one of these problems, contact a window contractor for repair or replacement.

Beautify The Exterior Landscaping – We all love greenery, so why not spruce up your surroundings with some new mulch and flowers that will give the exterior a colorful bang for your buck. Make sure all weeds are pulled, bushes are trimmed, the grass has been cut and sidewalks have been edged. Make sure potential homebuyers have a wonderful first impression when pulling up to your home for their initial visit!

CLEAN, CLEAN, AND CLEAN! – Clean surroundings are more desirable and it provides potential buyers with the understanding that you take great pride and care in the upkeep of your home. Start by touching up any marks on your walls, followed by dusting and window washing. Make sure that you remember to remove any clutter! Family photos should also be put away, as this give a potential buyer the opportunity to imagine where they may place their family photos if they were to purchase your home. Lastly, don’t forget to give your carpets a good cleaning. This will remove any soil marks or stains and for pet lovers, this will also take care of any pet odors that may be lingering in your home.

So you are considering building your own koi pond, or having one built? Do not add your name to the growing list of disgusted leaky pond owners.

Please research all aspects of water gardening before proceeding. I am not suggesting you google pond liners, or koi ponds, or how to build a koi pond. Because what you will discover is hundreds of pond liner websites promoting pond liners. Besides promoting pond liners, they sell and install them, in addition to inferior filters and energy-sucking sump pumps. What is that all about?

First of all, the reason you find thousands of pond liner advocates on the web and only a handful of professional concrete and rebar pond builds is just one simple reason: Greed. You are thinking, “Good grief, this dude is radical!” You want radical? How about this: I will give you $5 for every website that promotes and sells liners and does mention all the negative aspects of liners, compared to concrete and rebar pond construction. You, however, must pay me only $1 for all those pond liner websites who are dishonest and do not mention that the factory warranty only covers factory defects, not damage from tree roots, gophers, ground squirrels, chipmunks, rats, mice and kids with sharp objects, not to mention liner installers who do not know what they are doing.

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