• May 18, 2022

Security Guard Flexibility

In today’s economy most security companies struggle with low profit margins, loss of long-term clients and clients cutting hours to the absolute minimum. Many customers struggle with loss of revenue and profit and therefore need to save on expenses security chauffeur in London. Most of the time security is one of the expenses that have to be cut. If a company is providing security services to a clothing manufacturer that operates in multiple warehouses loss of work is a logical consequence if the manufacturer closes one or more of the warehouses. The consequence for companies is that they have to reinvent themselves to create a competitive edge, but also to keep generating new business.

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When the economy was growing and unemployment was at one of the lowest rates in decades, the construction sector was growing at double-digit rates, services were one of the industries that were growing at double-digit rates as well. At that time security companies could afford to focus on their core business of onsite security and could tell clients that their guard’s sole responsibility was to observe and report. In today’s economy security companies and security guards cannot be too picky.

Many business owners try to eliminate costs by combining positions. Hotel operators might ask guards to help clients carrying luggage or to deliver newspapers and towels. The first reflex of security guard companies might be that their security guards are not bell boys, but it would be short-sighted to lose business, because one thinks in certain terms about the job. Many security officers do not mind performing additional responsibilities if that creates more job security for them or helps them to find a job.

Many apartment managers require security guards to close gates, laundry rooms and pools, retail stores might require their security guards to greet customers and construction site managers might require guards to direct traffic. As a company owner or manager it is imperative to realize that the industry has changed. Clients will be requiring and expecting additional services beyond observing and reporting even when the economy gets better.


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