• June 27, 2022

Driving A Race Car – Do’s And Don’ts

For most racers, Saturday-night short track racing is a trial-and-trial error sport. Most racers lack big-time budgets and free time during the week to test new ideas. So knowledge generally come from two sources: advice from more experience racers and trying new things out for yourself on race night. If you are lucky, you can confirm whether or not a new setup works during the limited practice you get before qualifying. But then you just cannot be sure until you test that setup in the heat of the competition.

Want to Drive Like a Pro Racer? Hope You Like Numbers | WIRED

Like testing, many drivers learn how to drive a race car by simply going out and doing it. Driving a race car is a technique which only you the driver has to develop on their own. If you have a good night, take what you’ve learned from that event and try to duplicate it in the next week. But mistakes can be very costly Race Pages . A mistake on the track can mean bent sheetmetal, broken parts, tempers flaring, hurt feelings, and spending late hours in the shop with possibilities of not making it to the track the next week. That’s why its much easier to to avoid bad driving habits before they begin. After all, learning from you mistakes on the track may sound like a good theory, but it’s not the best idea when those mistakes can cost you cold, hard cash.

In order to avoid mistakes on the track, pay close attention to what’s happening in front of you and behind you at all times. Do not take risky chances. Races are never won on the first lap. In order to earn respect from more experienced drivers, you show respect. Always drive other drivers the way you want to be driven. Remember, racing is an expensive sport.

The biggest thing I try not to do is following the guy in front of me. In other words, when you chase the car in front of you and do what he’s doing, you are going to make the same mistakes as he does. This may sound like a pretty simple thing not to do, but it’s easier fall into this habit than you might think. When you’re following a car you’re always looking a way to get around him, and it’s easy to start driving the same line as he is. In order for you to get around him, you must change your driving line to confuse him and get around him. So try a different line, change your apex, or do something to make him make the mistake, then take advantage of it.

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