• June 29, 2022

Review of Justin Bieber Dolls

This festival season witnesses the introduction of an exclusive line of Justin Bieber Music Video Collection Singing dolls and Justin Bieber Style Collection dolls by The Bridge Direct Inc., a global manufacturing company in association with Bravado, a music merchandising company ラブドール . There are five Justin Bieber dolls, two singing dolls and three style figures. As the name indicates, all these are based on the chart-topping singer and song writer Bieber, one of the most popular singers of 2010.

It seems that almost all young and teenage children love and are attracted to anything and everything associated with music and movies. Justin Bieber has won the love and admiration of a great number of fans worldwide with his beguiling songs, unique voice, and signature styles. There is no surprise that his dolls have already become a hit in the toy market. Moreover, both Singing and style dolls are adorned with certain distinctive features of the singer.

All these dolls are 12 inches tall and are beautifully detailed and well painted. They are made up of first rate fabric and plastic materials. All these also have the singer’s signature hairstyle and to some extent his cute good looking face. The price of these toys are little more than the the style collective dolls, but the singing dolls come with certain accessories that any Bieber fan would love to have.

The collection of Justin Bieber singing dolls consists of two of them, Sings Baby dolls and One Less Lonely Girl Dolls. As mentioned earlier, these dolls have certain very attractive features. Both singing dolls sing the real songs for 30 seconds and are dressed exactly like the singer. A mini fan magazine is also available with each doll. The Bieber Sings Baby Song dolls are clothed n a leather jacket and come with a guitar and a director’s chair that has singer’s name on it. The Bieber Sings One Less Lonely Girl Dolls have a microphone of their own.

The Style dolls are available in three versions and each version wears a different signature outfit of the singer. There are Justin Bieber red carpet style dolls, awards style dolls, and street style dolls. These dolls also come with certain interesting and wonderful accessories, such as sunglasses, microphone, mini fan magazine, and an outfit just like the singer.

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