• May 21, 2022

Post-MBA Employment: What Can You Expect?

If you are considering going after your MBA, you may be wondering what the differences will really be between your career prospects right now and your prospects after securing your MBA. This is the exciting part about going back to school and achieving something like an MBA. You open up doors that you can only dream of opening right now. The biggest difference that most people notice once they graduate with their MBA is that professionals that completely shut them out in the past suddenly consider them seriously for employment MBA .

This could be the manager at your current job who told you before the MBA that you would never move ahead with the company. He hears of your MBA, sees your revamped resume, and suddenly you are sitting across the table from him being considered for a promotion you have always wanted.

Maybe you never got any response from sending them your resume in the past or you have a series of overly polite notices that they chose to “go in another direction.” With your MBA on your resume you suddenly get a phone call rather than another polite letter. You find yourself being considered for a job.It could also be a company that you have never worked for, but have always dreamed of working for.

There is no guarantee that getting your MBA will land you the job of your dreams. There is not guarantee that you will have a long, fulfilling career if you just go after that MBA. You never know the future, but what you do know is that your chances of getting that dream job or having that long career increase dramatically with the MBA. From Shut Out to Consideration

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