• May 21, 2022

A Simple Guide To Worm Farming

Worm farming is an easy way of turning your left over food scraps into rich soil. You can also use bensupstairs review best axe for splitting wood the worms for whatever else you might need them for. Worm farming can even be a full time income, if you get a good guide.

What you need to get started.
You will need either a wood or plastic container. I use a Rubbermaid container that is about 7 inches deep, 14 inches long, and around 9 inches wide. It doesn’t really matter what size the container is. If this will be an inside worm farm you will need a water tight container. You will also need to make sure the container is not clear. You can use tape or newspaper to wrap around the outside to block out the light. You must also make sure the area you store your container in doesn’t have anything vibrating around it. Worms hate vibrations and will try to crawl out of the container.

The worms you should use.
You should start out with just regular red worms. They are the easiest worms to use for this project. They are also known as manure worms or red wigglers.

The bedding material you should use.
Shredded newspaper that is damp will work perfect. Just use the black and white pages and not any of the colored ad pages. You will need to ad a couple of handfuls of garden soil, not potting soil. Crushed egg shells should also be added at this point. Make sure to keep the bedding damp but not to wet or you could drown the worms.

What to feed the worms.
The worms prefer fruit, vegetables, bread oatmeal and pasta. They like food that is starchy, but they do not like any acidic foods. Do not use dairy or meat products, because this can make the mini worm farm smell bad. Worms will eat close to half of their body weight everyday. Keep this in mind when you feed them.

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